Marta Serwińska

Managing Director | Member of the inCanto Foundation Board

Marta’s favourite task is managing projects and she has worked as a project manager in a company for the last few years. She combines competence as a historian with passion and determination in promoting ideas. She infects others with her tried and tested time management methods. In 2017, she co-organised the Festival and Workshops of Extraordinary Music, for which she also prepared grant applications to public institutions.

At the Foundation, she is responsible for administrative affairs, HR and anything that requires patient interaction with public agencies. She is also irreplaceable in ensuring timely compliance with work schedules and planning. She is one of the people responsible for the Foundation’s development strategy.

Marta loves old fountain pens and she has several in her collection. She is quite knowledgeable about perfumes, and not only those for women. She has recently discovered a passion for cycling around Poland.