Mission of the inCanto Foundation

Delight through music

Fundacja inCanto, according to its name taken from the Italian language (incanto – delight, enchantment; canto – singing) – was created to delight with music and through admiration point to the One who is the source of all Beauty.

We concern ourselves with sacred and liturgical music, that is music whose source lies in the artist’s or composer’s personal relationship with God and which was created to help man approach the Creator in the liturgy. We are certain that good liturgical music is one of the most important components of evangelization (also the one with the adjective „new”), and in itself can become an important stage in the path to a better understanding of God. We see our superior mission in enabling musical masterpieces to play this evangelizing role. Therefore, on musical grounds we bring the sacred to its roots, we do not agree to treating sacred masterpieces as museum exhibits only. We are inspired by what in this special kind of music is primitive and fundamental – the admiration of the Creator expressed in sounds, in the complete orientation of form and content on expressing His glory. We want to contribute to the restoration of music which, in the artist’s intention, is devoted to God, to its right place.

We delight others with what we have been enraptured by.

Aims of the Foundation

We pursue our aims by organising the magnificent Musica Divina Festival in Kraków – a series of free-admission sacred music concerts performed by leading musicians. The festival takes place in churches that are important in Kraków’s history. Admission to the concerts is free (and always will be), and the festival is more than just a cultural event; it is also a meeting point, a space for meditation and sometimes for worship pure and simple.

The inCanto Foundation also runs publishing projects and wants to play an important role in the lives of lovers of liturgical music. It is a place for creative encounters and the pursuit of daring ideas, a place of unprejudiced dialogue around a shared mission.