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Meetings devoted to the Song of Songs, held within the framework of the cameraINcanto series

Mighty waters cannot quench love is a series of nine meetings devoted to the Song of Songs, starting on 17 October 2018 within the framework of the cameraINcanto project. The series is led by our good Friend, Michał Wilk, founder of the BibleNote portal and a member of our Programme Council. The event is addressed to anyone who wants to encounter Scripture through linguistics and music.

‘During the year we want to read the whole Song of Songs, verse by verse, starting with the original text’, says Michał Wilk. ‘Hebrew has huge poetic potential, it teems with wordplay and metaphors that are hard to render in translation. During the lectures we want to look at how the book was translated and used in Greek, Latin, Syriac, Aramaic and Coptic liturgy. Ancient liturgies are a real treasury worth delving into’, Michał observes.

During the meetings we will listen to live or recorded musical settings of each of the eight songs in the book. At the same time, a team of musicians will prepare compositions based on the biblical text. We would like to conclude the project in 2019 with the publication of a book with an original CD.
Admission to the meetings is free of charge, but please keep in mind that our office is small and the number of lecture materials limited.

‘Well conducted linguistic analysis, even at the highest level of difficulty, reveals the true beauty of a text. The same is true of music, especially ancient music. In order to experience its fullness we need to be able to understand its message. It’s not that the lectures are going to be intellectual and the music experiential. A good lecture is supposed to make one discover beauty, and good music starts with the intellect’, Michał Wilk sums up.

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