Łukasz Serwiński

President of the Board and Founder of the inCanto Foundation

He believes that music can change a person and its beauty brings us closer to the sacred. As artistic director, he is responsible for the implementation of the Musica Divina festival. He gained experience at the Cracow Festival Office, in which he participated in the implementation of the Sacrum Profanum, Opera Rara and Misteria Paschalia festivals. For five years associated with the Dominican Liturgical Centre Foundation– he was the artistic director and originator of the Extraordinary Music Festival, as well as the coordinator of the Extraordinary Music Workshops (from the second to the fourth edition).

He is a culture expert by education. He also graduated from a music school of the second degree in the piano class and the School of Cantors.

An avid sports fan. His favourite way of relaxing is admiring the beauty of his native Podkarpacie region on a bike. Tireless in his quest for new plans to pursue.