Let yourself be delighted!

Daj się zachwycić!

Sacred music is full of tens of thousands of undiscovered masterpieces that have for years lain on dusty shelves and are now providing creative impetus for many musicians, composers and music lovers. It’s an undiscovered country resonating with the type of sound that we are increasingly yearning for, especially given the not-always-impressive quality of music in our churches on a daily basis.

We feel that it is our duty to restore this beauty to the Church and to bring it to everyone, including those who don’t yet realise how deeply music can affect and delight them. This is the cornerstone of the mission of the inCanto Foundation, and it is this daring undertaking that we would like to invite you to pursue with us. We strongly encourage you to join the ranks of the Delighted!

The Delighted are our closest Friends who support and appreciate our efforts to spread the beauty of sacred music.

To see how much we have managed to achieve together, watch the short film about the magnificent Musica Divina Festival which drew thousands of people to Kraków. Join us today to raise the quality of music in our temples.




  President of the inCanto Foundation

If you join the Delighted and regularly support the mission of the inCanto Foundation:

  • You will be promoting the beauty of sacred music together with us by becoming our sponsor!
  • You will receive a welcome package with a letter and surprise gift.
  • You will receive a special invitation with seating in the VIP sector at the Musica Divina Festival and other events organised by the Foundation along with relevant materials (e.g. the festival programme book)
  • You will be able to purchase items from our store during presales with a 50% discount.
  • You will learn about planned concerts, meetings and publications from a special newsletter.
  • At least once a year you will receive an invitation to a special event that we are organising for the Delighted (a concert or an interesting meeting).
  • A couple of times a year we will send you a gift (e.g. holiday cards, publications, recordings).
  • We will share with you materials that we do not make available to the public (e.g. concert recordings, photographs, detailed information about our day-to-day activities).
  • We will regularly pray for you during services offered for the Delighted and the Foundation.

We asked some of the Delighted about their motivation for supporting the inCanto Foundation. See what they had to say.

We also asked them which of our activities over the previous year they liked best.

If this is a good moment to ask you to support our mission

- we invite you wholeheartedly to become one of the Delighted!


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