Ensemble Barocum

The album features songs from the 17th and 18th century France, from which the Ensemble Barocum carefully selects cantatas for soprano, violin and basso continuo. Most of those pieces were based around mythological themes, whilst the artists explored this wide output in quest of the Old Testament themes. One will hear the intriguing editions of psalms by René Drouard de Bousset and Jean-Joseph Cassané de Mondonville as well as Sebastien de Brossard’s cantata Judith ou la mort d’Holoferne, with its striking rhetorical tricks, telling the almost sensational history of Judith, who in the course of the invasion of Assyrian forces on Israel gets to Holofernes’ tent and cuts his head, saving the besieged city. The programme also honors the only female composer ‒ Élisabeth Jacquet de La Guerre, the first author of the opera in the history of France. The group is going to play one of the most interesting cantatas of the composer, The crossing of the Red Sea. he program of the concert is going to be completed with instrumental compositions ‒ preludes for the gamba of Du Buisson, derived from the so-called Krakow Manuscript (mid -seventeenth century) and violin sonata.

See and listen the teaser of the album Old Testament Lessons